The Books

I found that by creating what I want paves the way for me to get it and can help others along the way! In my books I have chosen to wear my heart on my sleeve and provide real information to get to the next level!


Are you the most positive and healthy person you know? This book will give you insight on how having a positive state of mind can affect your everyday life, and how it can rub off on other people! You will learn what’s the big deal behind happiness and satisfaction. There are secret tips from employers and HR departments on how to be successful in the workplace. It is very important to know that weight loss and nutrition are not exactly the same. There are activities/exercises to help you assess where you are in your life and what you really want for yourself. And the book covers how to go about taking action toward your life goals. Let’s start NOW!


Indulge Me


Indulge Meis my second book and first poetry book that is AVAILABLE NOW on Lulu and will soon be available on Click here, the link or image above to purchase!

My love for rhyme as a linguist of love I want to send you on a journey! Indulge me as I entice you, make you laugh, and perhaps even cry. I started this book a long time ago and I am blessed to release it to the masses for conception. I consider myself to be an artist with a pen and pad using words to hold your attention & affection!

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Here are a few of my online health articles that have been published in magazines online.