I’m on the Menu started out as a name created as a stage name to perform poetry. It then manifested into much more than just a catchy phrase!

I’m On the Menu encompasses being there for others in need. Tiffany has always had a passion to help others to the best of her ability. She grew up in the north county of San Diego from a young age and her family immigrated from Trinidad and Tobago. She graduated from California State University, San Marcos with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Minor in Sociology. Tiffany was recruited to CSUSM on a Track and Field scholarship and was a 2002 NAIA two-time All-American as a  freshman.


Tiffany is known for her passion to perform poetry and writing. She has worked with clients to provide researched IMG_20160307_234150articles, transcribe blogs into books, written speeches, and assisted with editing. She has her own ezine (online magazine) of her published articles. Her love for entrepreneurial endeavors encompasses community, networking, health & wellness, personal & business development, fashion, athletics, and much more! She works as a business consultant helping business owners see their dreams to fruition!

She is involved with the Hands & Feet ministry through her church feeding the homeless. She has volunteered and been an ambassador for the Carlsbad Village Business Association. She is utterly grateful for the beautiful city of San Diego that we call home! She values God, peace, love, happiness, family and loves to cook. Tiffany has written and published her first book entitled, “How to Become the Most Positive and Healthy Person You Know: And How It Attributes to Your Success!” You can order the paperback or eBook now! Click here to find out about the book.

She has recently self-published her second book and 1st poetry book entitled, Indulge Me