I’m On the Menu Presents: The VIP Lifestyle


Let’s be honest, who does not want to be treated like VIP? Everyone wants a taste of the lavish exclusivity even if it is not daily. 

Having an anticipated arrival and a reserved table; luxuries that feel marvelous and are unforgettable.

Computer Monitors Shaking Hands

We have entered the age of convenience with technology, but yet in certain areas we still utilize archaic ways of doing things. We usually have to wait at a restaurant to be seated, even if we have a reservation. We most certainly have to order through a waiter, and definitely have to wait for the check.

What if your precise order has been given pre-arrival; down to your beverage of choice. And when you leave there is no bill to wait for!


This service will only be available in high-end restaurants.

The VIP client benefits from the experience, the restaurant benefits from the marketing and all parties benefit from being a part of the avant garde.

The VIP Lifestyle gives the freedom of convenience mixed with the feeling of VIP treatment.

All of the details have not been stated for protection purposes. Interested investors can set up a meeting by filling out the contact form