The Sensual Soliloquy

The weather was supposed to be warm but it was cold and grey. But it’s okay I was alive and blessed today. No anxiety felt from fear or struggle. I had no where else to be but where I was. I always look out the window and see a world of possibilities.

I could leave in a rush, go home and pack a bag and be ready before nightfall. I was going to take a drive up the coast to a beach city with lots of lights but soothing by nature. Find a fancy restaurant and enjoy my cuisine while I admire the ocean view and the scent of the ocean.

I walked the quaint town and found a lounge playing jazz so I decided to stop in. I had the perfect seat and ordered a glass of wine. The music was sensual and alive. I was moved to dance but I decided to soak it all in and breathe deep. Breathe deep and chill. I had no where to be and I was in no rush. There was no fear and there was no fuss. There was peace, joy, music and love. We all were here in co-existence as if we all knew we would be here at this time and feel this good. The vibe was elevating, sweet, soothing, loving, luxurious and easy. The gift of ease painted smiles on our faces and enriched us with love in our hearts. This environment was so simple but yet so complex. We had made an agreement to be here. We had wanted the best for ourselves. We chose to feel good. No words needed to define or categorize my counter parts in this experience because our level of understanding superceded words. We will collaborate another time, on another day, in another place.

I found a hotel to stay and fell asleep listening to the waves. I continued my journey the next day. The pleasure was in the uncertainty. To be free from control was peace, ease, love, luxury and living!


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