All aboard!

It was a warm night; comfortable warm. The breeze blew and I sat outside looking at the stars breathing deep. The sight of the yachts with their lights were so soothing. I concentrated closely and I could see as they slowly flowed with the tide. As they danced on water I smiled and continued to sip my champagne. This was peace, and ease. I was pleased to notice every detail and the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into building these hotels of the sea!

I sat for over an hour and when I realized what time it was I got up to leave. As I rose a gentleman walked by and I just so happened to spill my drink on him. Initially I was more concerned for the loss of my champagne. I looked and the gentleman and we apologized synchronistically. Then I opened my eyes and realized that this man was rather attractive! He offered to buy me another drink, but I had to admit that one more would not do me too good. I was already leaving so his chest got the best of my last drink.

As he dried himself off we caught eyes and looked at each other for a moment. He asked me what brought me here this evening. I said that I came to admire these beauties on the sea; as I pointed at the yachts. Then I asked him what brought him here. He said that his family owned a yacht and he was just getting away for the weekend. I smiled and said, “What a blessing, one day I would love to be out on one of them.” He asked me if I wanted to take a tour of the yacht. And of course I could not decline such an offer. We introduced ourselves as we walked toward the yacht. The name of the yacht was “Fate”. I was starting to realize that this was VERY interesting.

As we got aboard I was taken aback at such detail and opulence on every inch of the yacht. The rooms were plush and no detail was left bland. I said, “Nothing exceeds like excess.” He laughed and said that his mother always says that. I could definitely hang out with that woman; her taste was impeccable. An hour after my tour and I had seen every nook and cranny of the craft.

mega yacht

I had thanked him for his graciousness and apologized again for the champagne. He smiled and said, “It was my pleasure, and don’t worry about the shirt it’ll survive.” He walked me back to the restaurant above the dock and I proceeded to say goodnight. He cut me off and asked me if I would like to hang out sometime. I really wanted to say, “Yeah let’s go back at the boat and hang out!” Then he said, “I do have some fresh fruit on the boat, if you want to hang out and look at the stars.” I decided that I was going to go back because honestly I just was going to go home and watch tv.

We went back to the boat and had fruit, looked at the stars and enjoyed each others company. I asked him what he dreamed about and he asked me the same. We cracked jokes and laughed until we were tickled like school kids. It felt good to be in the presence of a man. He was gentle, kind, respectful, considerate, handsome and did I say sexy! I mean those few qualities only scratched the surface. But I was glad that God had brought me to where I needed to be when I needed to be!


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