Faith vs Reality

Do you really need to see it to believe it? Or can you just believe it until you see it? I am one of those individuals who hold myself to a high standard and things can feel rough when I am not feeling on track. But I believe that I will accomplish my goals, regardless of the current reality. I think where we get caught up is in the constant analysis of the ‘current reality’. We might look at where we are and not be able to see what we believe. We can also be influenced by the expectations others hold for us and can feel bad when we don’t meet their expectations. The first major step for me was to realize that I am living my own life. I do believe in God and I am happy knowing that I am loved unconditionally. Anyone who is loving you based on certain conditions isn’t truly loving you ‘for you’.

As I have grown I have come to realize that it is all about the feeling you have about where you are and what you believe. If you feel negative about where you are then you are not in the right place to attract what you want. If you feel good and have hope that things are coming along, you put your mind at ease and allow the attraction of good things. We learn about the things we want from experiencing what we don’t want.

giftEVERYTHING that we have now and I mean down to the socks is a manifestation. At some point we said we wanted something and we acquired it. Some things come easier than others based on how attainable we feel they are. Compare the things you consider ‘big’ things you want to ‘small’ things you want. How do you feel about the ‘big’ things? A lot of people feel they are going to take hard work and so much effort. The word hard is merely an adjective. I tell you what; there are some people who work behind a desk 4-6 hrs a day and make millions a year compared to those who labor  12 hours a day and make significantly less. Now both individuals may describe what they do as ‘hard’ work. It can be true that both are working hard but ‘hard’ is just a label.

We become caught up on having something to show for what we have or -will have- that some people would risk so
much for it. The true importance lies in the fact of do we really believe and can we see past the reality to where we will be. When we get what we want and others do not feel it reflects your actions; they say, “You got lucky.” I personally don’t believe in luck. We are where we are for a reason. You can either believe aka have faith in what you want or complain about your reality. It is important to not let other peoples standards affect you. One thing a mentor taught me is to ‘stay in my own lane’. Meaning don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is on a different path and everyone’s timing is different.

I know one of the things I want is a beautiful home to have a family in. Why do I want it? Because I believe I will feel malibu-california-beach-housegood/happy. All of the things we want come down to us wanting to be happy and feel good. Now, if we can attain these feelings before we get what we want don’t you think it would be easier? If we are compelled by objects to feel happy then will we ever truly be happy? If we are happy without the objects we allow ourselves to be unconditionally happy. Live in the present, love yourself, believe you will get where you want, and don’t let anyone hold you back!




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