Destiny Among Spies!

I decided to observe his behavior from a distance. He moved with such grace and his light lit up those whom he passed by. It was as though I was watching the phenomena of a blessed individual light up a small block radius in less than 5 minutes.

I was going to risk my cover and enter the same cafe as him to get a closer look. I must stand in line to make the ‘observation’ appear untainted. His stance and stature was with great form and power. And his scent had my focus, so when it was my turn to order I had lost all train of thought. “May I have the green tea unsweetened please.” Saved by my simple, smooth and technically normal order.

I smiled at a little girl who was watching me. And as usual I was my kind chipper self; but still on this investigation into Mr. Suave. After he received his order of a croissant and an espresso, he found a comfortable corner seat and sat down. I happened to find a seat that was out of the way but still had him in my peripheral vision.

He turned on his laptop and became focused on his work. Meanwhile I had my first issue of San Diego Home and Garden magazine that I was excited to look through. I might not be as interested in the content as I am invested in how the pictures make me feel. It was important to have that magazine because the feelings I felt through the images help me with my attraction. If you understand the concept; great! If not it’s okay.

I was so invested in the magazine that I didn’t even realize that Mr. Suave was wrapping up and leaving the cafe. And as he returned his cup I slipped my magazine into my bag and walked out ahead of him. Now, this wasn’t the greatest idea because I was not going to be able to follow from in front. I heard a loud, “Excuse me miss!” I turned around and it was Mr. Suave and he had appeared to be calling me. I looked around to make sure it was in fact me he was calling and it was indeed me. “You forgot your cell phone on your seat, and I wanted to make sure that you were going to be able to stalk me appropriately,” he said. “Stalk you? Wow you sure are self-consumed,” I said with a smile. “I’ve been watching you watching me for quite some time now,” He said with his amazing grin and chalk white teeth. “Well I will admit that you are easy on the eyes, but to follow around?” I said with a coy tone. carlsbad-villageshops

“I am going to be the bigger person and admit that I had been stalking you before you started stalking me, and that is how I knew you were stalking me!” He said chuckling. I began to blush and laugh until my cheeks couldn’t take it. I really hoped that I had nothing in my teeth because my grin was literally ear to ear. He began to explain himself, and I was soaking up every second of his presence as my present as he stood before me.

“Before I passed by you digging in your bag, I was walking behind you. I noticed how you moved with such grace and smiled at people passing you by. It was as though I watched you light up a block within less than 5 minutes. I could not help to admire such grace and charm as long as I could. And then I passed you because you stopped and I was afraid you were going to turn around and I couldn’t stop walking when you stopped because it would have been way too obvious. But when I walked pass I saw your eyes fix on me because you lifted your head from your bag and you didn’t pull anything out of it when I walked by; you just began walking. I took a risk by stopping in the cafe because you could have kept walking.” He explained.

“So you mean we have been spying and following each other?” I said in surprise. “I feel like Mr. and Mrs. Smith; well with out the guns and trying to kill one another,” He laughed and said. “The Mr. and Mrs. part sounds appealing enough.” I said boldly. He smiled.

We decided to sit down on a near by bench in the shade and have a chat. We became fast friends with so many interests and things in common. He asked me, “So where have you been?” I said, “It doesn’t matter where I’ve been but I do thank God for where I am now!” He smiled and gave me a high five and said “Amen!”



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  1. Another wonderful, fun read Tiffany! When are we going to make a make-up run?

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