I Had to Upgrade!

We know what is working vs. what is not working in our lives, and for things to get better we need to be open to change. The best way to change is to upgrade your mindset. 

I have been single for quite some time and I used to feel I have to be perfect in order to enter into a relationship. I wanted to know what men wanted, when they wanted it, how I should behave, etc. But I would go to church and people would talk about all of their faults and how they are accepted just as they are. I realized immediately that I was going about things the wrong way! I feel such comfort knowing that I am more than good enough now (and yesterday)! And that I am loved by God unconditionally! No one is perfect and it is beautiful that we can accept each other for who we are! I remember visiting an exotic car lot yesterday and looking at all of the nice cars they had there. One of the salesmen asked me what kind of car I drive; I laughed. “I am now driving a minivan” I said. He looked at me and said, “At least it is getting you from point A to point B.” I felt such comfort in that simple statement because sometimes I feel a little behind. heart in hand

When we realize that what we have does not define us life becomes easier. Being grateful & at peace with who I am was my ultimate goal; the rest will fill itself in (God willing). It is important to focus on what we think, what we feel and how we talk. These things tend to perpetuate themselves into existence. I remember reading a little motivational quote on instagram, “Don’t trip, you are amazing.” I had found such solace in that statement. Sometimes you read a quote and you are at a place where you really need to hear that. And I honestly love to hear them daily! The first step is realizing/admitting that you want better things for yourself. Then you realize what isn’t working and that is where you go to work. One step at a time is okay because the journey is beautiful part!


Love Always,

I’m on the Menu


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  1. Hi Ms. Amazing! Hope all is cool & groovy. Let’s all get together & enjoy something fun this summer. Love is always in the air (in your energy)! The “+1 love” will arrive when the time is right.

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