Strangers; The Lords Army

I cried a little today and it’s okay

Because the boulders blocking me have chipped away

Any soliloquy of words can be manipulated to entice

Just because they smile and are poignant doesn’t make them so nice

Even when you share the same DNA doesn’t make it okay

Stronger souls aka the possessor of the Holy Ghost are here to stay

Even when those you most depend on walk away

Even when your comprehension is in disarray 

I sat there alone and I prayed, and I prayed

I remained calm because I had faith

Someone was coming to help me and I knew it

Even when it was over, I reminisced going through it

My calm state as I sat alone 

I had my eyes set on getting home

When it was over the one person who I thought would stand by my side

wanted to leave because she did not believe help was coming; I cried

I did not cry until I came home and realized

That this person I loved so much would leave my side

If the army of strangers had not come to help; which I knew they would anyway

I’d remain in my position until they came because faith scored the final basket in my game

I was so thankful for the enlightenment to see

That I just pray to him and the army would come for me

Even when I called those closest to me

In the end it was strangers?

How could that be?

To be honest, that is a question I will leave be

I was just thankful for the help I received from the Lords army

I appreciate the expansion amidst the pain 

Through disappointment a blessing was gained

If the ones you’d fight for won’t fight for you

It’s time to move on to something more true

Live to love, learn, be grateful and trust in God

Through lessons learned you’ll find out He is the first one you’ve got

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