Beach Medication

As I pondered on a topic to write about I decided to think about a vacation destination. I then proceeded to question where I would feel the most comfortable, at ease, free and filled with joy. The beach is of course the first place to come to mind.

The sun blankets my skin like a smooth warm cashmere. The sound of the tide soothes my soul and the scent of the sea comforts me. The cliché idea of a beach vacation might turn some others away, but those who know the feeling can’t run away. 

It is like a total body meditation so I’ll call it my beach medication.

The power of the ocean gives you strength and connection to earth and almighty

there is somewhat of a dance/rhythm that you feel with the contrast of breeze and seavolleyballSand

What is more important than feeling good? So we gather with love due to our common goal

as the kids play; we play like kids laughing and indulging in random acts of freedom

We have this one life to live and we cannot escape the lust of beauty and vitality

Where is the best place to find yourself and you go to lose yourself?

the sand the sea, smooth sounds of reggae, solace followed by smiles and contentment; follow me…


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