Value Yourself: No Matter What!

Some of us don’t put up with crap from the second it walks in; props to you! Some of us like to give the benefit of the doubt (myself for sure) and that can be to my detriment. It has taken me several lessons to realize that if someone is just not willing to treat you how you deserve to be treated it’s time to kick them to the curb! kick-butt

Trying to change someone’s behavior is unrealistic unless they want to make a change for themselves. The best we can do is express our feeling and thoughts and if the bad feelings persist then it’s in your best interest to move along. This is with EVERYONE including family! If someone isn’t respecting you then you need to distance yourselves themselves from them.

I had this situation with an individual and it became increasingly worse. What I came to realize is that as I continued to somewhat tolerate the behavior it perhaps reflected that was okay with it. I had to make the choice to value myself. If this was a test of character; I would have to attest that it was some test!

heart in handHave  you ever watched a show and felt that there was an underlying message that hit home with what you were going through? This happened to me the other night and I realized that it’s great to be a good person, but you don’t have to put up with bullshit! I’m definitely altruistic but at some point I have to be selfish and do for myself; what sometimes other people don’t do. It might be the case that the person is going through a tough time in life; but they have no excuse to treat you badly. I always try to reason logically about peoples behavior (including my own). At the end of the day we all want to be treated well and it is best to treat people how we ourselves want to be treated!


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