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It was another Friday night and although I’d like to shake things up a bit, I do like going where I feel most comfortable. I went to my usual hang out that I attend with fabulous company–aka myself lol.It is a restaurant/bar and  I take part in the joy of ‘happy hour’. I arrived and the entire bar was full so I decided to wait. There was another woman who was waiting as well; she was a tall pretty blonde woman with a pleasant disposition.

It just so happened that two seats opened up at the bar and we ended up sitting next next to each other. We had started up a conversation and immediately were sharing an amazing level of energy. I had recently started meditating on a consistent basis and I was feeling great. She was coming from a great place because she had recently received the promotion she had wanted for quite some time. She had explained her interview process and that she felt she was going to get the position a long time ago. She said, “I felt for some reason that the door was still open for the opportunity.” One day last week her supervisors called her into the conference room and told her that the position was hers. She was in a state of shock and she did not have to go through any interview process nor did she need to fill out any paper work. “It was totally amazing and effortless.” As she explained the ease of her manifestation her energy was beautiful– she lit up the room– and I was right there with her as a reflection feeling great.

love mindThe phenomenon of a manifestation can come about so easy and feel so great-it’s awesome! It is simply something we have asked for and typically comes about when we least expect it, or from whom we least expect. Having faith helps tremendously because you are confident that what you believe will come to fruition. A lot of times we experience manifestations but since they could be considered a small scale manifestation we quickly move to the next item on our list. It is always good to be grateful for what we have because all that we do have is a compilation of all that we have manifested. Isn’t that interesting? All that we do have came from manifestations. It is perfectly normal to want more because as long as we exist that will be the case. Even a minimalist looks forward to manifestations because they do not only have to consist of material items. Some people want to manifest more love, peace, appreciation, knowledge, etc. I thank God that I have come to a place of peace where I feel so much better and have faith for more to come!

No matter what we are wanting the universe knows! If you don’t believe it will come then that will be the case. It is important to keep a focus on if what you are saying, doing, and believing are all lining up! If you think you want to loose weight, but you are always verbalizing how overweight you are, and you don’t really believe it then you must line things up properly. You must think you want to loose weight, say you are loosing weight, and believe you are loosing weight in order for things to line up.

Wishing everyone successful manifestations!

Love Always,



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  1. I’m visualizing & know what I imagine is mine. Thanks for another encouraging read Tiffany!

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