Fiesta de Amor

I left the window cracked and I could smell the rain as I straightened up the house that evening. The nights were coming faster and I started to miss the long days. Although the sun was not always present; did not excuse the heat factor. The tropics had crept in and I was not complaining. I could always appreciate unique weather and a great cocktail.
I began my meticulous prep for dinner and laid out all of the ingredients for the fabulous meal by yours truly. I was having a dinner party and I already set up the table with a tropical theme, thanks to the weathers inspiration. The table had pineapple tops, sand, seashells, candles, flowers and love. I decided to make seafood because it’s what I love and why not share what you love.
My guests were to arrive around 8 p.m. and it was about 6 p.m. that I was getting everything ready. From the elaborate cocktail mixes, appetizers, full course meal and dessert— this was going to be a blast. Good food, excellent company, a warm home and love was going to be all we needed.
My love decided to sneak in earlier than he said he would get home and he definitely surprised me. The feeling of his presence added just that much more light to the kitchen. We always light up when we are around one another. So we tend to illuminate and radiate love wherever we go.
He always likes to be my little helper and I’m used to doing things on my own, but I can always find something for him to do. I had him cutting the onions while I prepared the other veggies. We cranked up the music, poured some drinks and got down to business.
Everything came together effortlessly; perhaps the drinks helped out a little. We were dressed to impress and ready to entertain. jacuzziWhile we awaited our guests we danced to the music and slid around the house in our socks through the kitchen and in the living room. We did a little slow dancing and just when the heat turned up, the doorbell rang.
Our guests poured in and the house began to come alive with giggles, chatter, hugs and face stuffing. As the cocktails flowed people began moving and shaking on our lil dance floor area. We didn’t even watch the time, it was as if we partied all night. And of course I had the second round of hors d’oeuvres after the guests became slightly inebriated. Then some of us got into the Jacuzzi to chill out and warm up.
After the party was over my love and I cleaned up the place a little bit and continued our own party.


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