The Boat Show!

I have sworn off boys mentally and that is step one. There is this myth perhaps that I feel that people believe that age makes you more mature. Well, I am here to confirm that is far from the truth. I have met women and men who were much older than myself with the behavior of adolescents. It is possible to mature with age but it is also possible just to age and not mature at all. 

When it comes to dating life, it doesn’t need to be complex. As a matter of fact, I have a metaphor that I think is comparable. I feel like dating is like a boat sale. Down at the docks there is a huge boat sale and only buyers are welcome! Now even though only buyers are welcome there are going to be some people who want to go just because it’s interesting. Some people know they can’t afford a boat but they go anyways. Some people already have a boat, but they just want to compare their boat to others. Now the sales people have some issues because even though they said there were inviting buyers only they do not want to cause a scene and scare the buyers off. So, they must entertain and go through all of the individuals that are there to find the ones who truly want -and are ready for- a boat. Even if you have the money to buy the boat, do you have the time to invest into the boat? There are so many factors that you need to be ready for, before assuming you can handle a boat.  sanDiegoSkyline2

I feel a relationship is the same way. If you just want to play on a boat for a few days then you can rent a boat or go on a cruise. When you start dating someone and you know what they want and you want something different it is best to be open. We know that the longer things progress without the truth; the worst the outcome. Unless, it is some fabulous fairy tale.

I have decided to graduate from boys to men! A guy might look like a man because of his age but is a boy due to his actions. A boy aka child doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. A man doesn’t act irresponsibly knowing he will be held responsible for his actions. A man goes to a boat sale prepared with whatever it takes to; purchase, take care of, invest time with, and whatever else needed to acquire and keep is boat! If he takes pride in himself then it will reflect in everything he shows interest.

Single (serious only) men are invited to my graduation party/boat show!


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