Mister Right

The subtle jazz was softly played in the background. I was lost in the view of the city and its beautiful flickering lights at night. The warm breeze blew across my shoulder and welcomed me amongst the night sky as we sat outside. I was so wrapped up in the moment that the voices of the other restaurant patrons muffled so low they almost disappeared.

His eyes became alive as they glazed over my physique slowly. It was as though we were present and in the vortex dancing in an outer body experience. His hand touched mine in a comforting sense and we smiled. It was through non-verbal communication that we felt love for one another. His hand on mine was a representation of attachment and the smile; lagunabeachcitylightsconfirmation of enjoyment.

It was as though we did not need to speak at all. The feeling we had in the moment was enough to entrap us both and our energy was inexplicable! We were dining at a rooftop restaurant on Catalina Island facing the coast. The evening was beautiful and watching the lights flicker on the coastline was captivating.

We discussed that our decision to allow ourselves to be vulnerable for each other was the best decision we made. And that together we feel so free and how life feels so different. We had no idea what we’d been missing out on until we aligned. I leaned in to get close to him and his sensual smell enticed me as usual. We kissed under the starlit sky and appreciated the scenery.

We left the restaurant my hand in his and we walked on the boardwalk joking about our favorite childhood cartoon heroes. Even the minute idiosyncrasies we shared were funny and light. He stopped me and held me close and his facial expression became a little more serious. He told me he wanted to take the time to express how much he loved spending time with me and that the feelings he had for me could not be simply defined by just words. He pulled out a Tiffany and Co. box out of his jacket and handed it to me. He kissed me on the forehead and told me he loved me. I kissed him and told him I loved him as well and a tear streamed down my cheek. I opened the box and there was a pair of diamond earrings! I was in shock and I kissed him again thanking him for his love, affection, and of course the amazing gift. I knew that my decision to wait for mister right was the best thing to do!


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