The “Good Morning” text message

You just bumped into an attractive individual on the street and exchanged numbers. You go about your day with a little pep in your step. You receive a message out of the blue from that person and it puts a smile on your face from ear to ear. You exchange witty banter for the entire day and into the evening. You feel great and look forward to each and every response. You’re texting at the grocery store, the gym, in the kitchen, and perhaps even on the toilet! Texting someone new is like a drug; the feeling gives you is a rush. You become so involved that you can easily forget what you are supposed to be doing.

The evening comes and you each say Good bye or Good night. When you wake up in the morning you have a text waiting for you heart in handand it’s from Mr./Ms. yesterday, “Good Morning.” Once again your smile lights up the room and the chat begins from where it left off. That Good morning message is more than just some letters and vowels. It represents the level of attraction that person has to you. They were thinking of you when they woke up in the morning. When you know you have been on someone’s mind it feels, comforting, reassuring, and honestly it feels good to be liked.

I decided that I should not subject my readers to my own perspective on this topic. I spoke with a few ladies and gents. I asked the guys that if they initiated sending a ‘Good morning’ message, would they continue without expecting the person to initiate another day? The guys responded that they would consider it to be courting behavior and that they would not expect a ‘Good morning’ before they sent one (although it would be nice). The ladies had a slight different situation because if a man were to initiate messaging them, they would look forward to the text and if they had the chance to send one before they received one they would do so. I feel the same way. I would definitely look forward to the messages because of the feeling it gives me, but if I had the opportunity to reciprocate I would do so. One girl mentioned that she is not an early riser (like myself) so it might seem like it’s one sided but that is only because I’m not up very early. However, if I wake up and I haven’t received a message I send one out.

The idea is to make someone else feel good by a simple greeting that has a big meaning.


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