An Enchanting Encounter

He came to me like a dream. Out of no where he appeared tall and handsome. It was as though he knew we were supposed to have an encounter. I continued working because even though everyday I think Mr. Right could come walking in a part of me doesn’t want to get my hopes up high. We made eye contact and smiled just as I do with everyone, but then he approached me looking directly at me. I looked him in the eyes and said, “hello.” And he said “hello, how are you?” I said, “I’m fine and you?” He stood there and smiled and I looked right at him and smiled back. “You’re attractive,” I said. He said, “and you are beautiful!” I thanked him and asked him if he was Prince Charming and he said, “I will if you’ll let me.” Then I stared into his eyes for a while. They were kind, yet strong and pure. I said, “it’s a pleasure to meet you God!” He smiled because he knew what I meant. From that moment I knew he was something special.
Feelings of potential disappointment seemingly melted away. When we conversed there was this sense of ease and butterflies. It was an oxymoron that felt great. The ego abandoned me and I didn’t miss it for one second. The confidence we shared reassured trust because we wanted the same things. The feeling of ease, love, satisfaction, happiness, joy, passion and so much more swallowed me whole. We were in the vortex and I had surrendered completely. I had scars that I was so proud of because they represented the idea that the wounds have healed.
Imagine a far off 5 star resort on a gorgeous day with a warm breeze. Away from everything sipping your favorite cocktail in a bungalo on the beach in total peace. The scent of the salt water comforted you and your wide spread of fruits sated your hunger. You couldn’t be interrupted and you are at peace as the sound of the tide puts you at ease. There is not a cloud in the sky and the sun painted your skin with warmth. You head toward the clear water to take a dip in the sea and it is cool and inviting. This is what it feels like when you’ve released resistance. Elaborate details are imperative to appreciate each feeling.
Where we go from here I have no idea but I can confidently state that it will be great!


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